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Malabar tamarind, Garcinia cambogia , Kudampuli (Kodampuli), is a small pumpkin/lemon shape fruit which starts out green, turns yellow in its youth, is smoked and cured into a wrinkled, black dry fruit with ageing and ironically that’s when its authenticity begin. This fruit stays fresh for years afterwards and is in the best form to be used as a condiment for seafood loving kitchens in South India especially fish dishes. Its “sour” taste is soaked in curries as a substitute to regular tamarind. In Ayurveda, Kudampuli is exalted for its medicinal values like promoting digestion, curing uterine issues, arthritis pain and ulcers. In the recent late 2012 studies, Europe and United States acclaimed Garcinia cambogia to be a weight loss activator for having Hydroxycitric acid or HCA as an integrant. Apart from quelling appetite, it was claimed to be preventing fats from being absorbed in body.

Although the clinical trials found no compelling evidences for short term weight loss but Malabar tamarind’s (Malabar is the south side region of India) savouriness indeed doesn’t need any testament for its incredible tang.

How To Consume Garcinia Combogia or Kudam Puli For Weight Loss

Kudam puli or Malabar tamarind rind is usually sun dried and then smoked to a dark brown or black colour and is then used to prepare a drink, which is claimed to burn fat. Usually, to make the drink the rind is first washed and then soaked in some water for about 10 or 15 minutes. Then you can take some water in a stainless steel or clay pan and transfer the soaked kudam puli to it. Cook this for some time, until the water comes to a boil. Allow it to cool down and filter the drink into a jar. Consuming this drink 30 minutes before each meal, may help you lose weight faster.

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  • 100% Organic – Free of Synthetic Fertilizers, Herbicides, and Pesticides which gives delicious taste and good health
  • NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED – Without any chemical preservatives, the fruits are smoked and sun dried
  • NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS ADDED – Colours are NATURAL rather than synthetic with artificial colours
  • NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS ADDED – The original Sour Flavours activate digestion

Organic Certifications: India organic

Certifications: BRC & ISO 22000:2005

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