Health Benefits of Organic Tea

November 22, 2022 By Biorigin Organics 1

Top Health Benefits of Organic Tea

You’re looking for a drink that will be a real thirst quencher. At the same time, you want something to keep you healthy. Perhaps you’re also interested in the environment and in making a sustainable choice.

If so, you’ll enjoy pouring yourself your choice of organic tea. Not only is tea delicious, it has massive health benefits too. Explore these seven reasons why you’ll benefit from a refreshing cup of organic tea.

1. Be toxin free

When choosing tea, it makes sense to go for the organic choice. Many pesticides have been banned because of their toxic effect on both the environment and the human body.   Organic tea will ensure you don’t build up toxins within your system, increasing your immunity.

Organic pesticide residues may be stored in body fat, and many have been outlawed in Europe and America, but may still be in use n other parts of the world.

If tea is grown in parts of the world that haven’t banned harmful chemicals, going organic is the safer option. This means that there is no risk of drinking pesticide residues with your refreshing cuppa.

2. Keep your digestive system healthy

Your digestive system is connected to your overall well-being. Serotonin, which is linked to anxiety and depression, is produced in the gut. Some psychologists are now referring to the gut as the second brain. As a result, it is important to keep your gut healthy.

Tea helps to restore the balance of bacteria in your gut and improve gut function. However, some experts emphasize the importance of going organic, to ensure that you ensure your tea is ‘clean’ and not contaminated by heavy metals or toxic soil conditions. Search instead for a high-quality tea by looking for the organic logo.

3. Boost your antioxidant intake

When you drink organic tea, you will be providing your body with antioxidants. These help to keep you healthy by combating the effects of free radicals. Antioxidants help to protect your heart, reduce infections and may even prevent cancer.

Research also shows that antioxidants may protect against age-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s. They also slow down the aging process, increasing longevity. Antioxidants improve skin texture, and will also protect you against

This means that by preparing yourself a freshly brewed cup of tea, you’ll be giving yourself a health boost.  What better way to flush out free radicals than a refreshing cup or organic tea?

4. Keep it lean

If you’re trying to stay slim, a steaming cup of organic tea is the perfect choice for you.  Taken without milk or sugar, tea is calorie free. Drinking organic tea will keep you slim and well hydrated.

Brew up a pot of hot tea for chilly evenings, or keep it cool for warm summer days. With a wide variety of flavors to choose from you won’t need to add sugar. To keep it calorie-free, serve your tea with a slice of lemon, or add cinnamon and peppery cloves to create a spicy chai. You could also go for a fresh peppermint as an after-dinner treat.

5. Soothe yourself

Theanine, found in tea, helps to soothe your mind and keep you relaxed and calm. Where the caffeine in coffee may make you feel nervous or shaky, theanine helps to soothe the nervous system, which makes it a helpful drink for people suffering from anxiety.

Theanine not only has soothing properties, however, but it also promotes cognitive alertness. Improving memory and concentration. At the same time, theanine is known to assist with sleep quality.  This is very helpful for people who have anxiety.  Just a couple of cups of tea a day can help to promote this soothing effect.

6. Stay strong

Although tea is mostly water, it contains vitamins and minerals which help to build up your strength. Vitamin H (or biotin) helps the metabolism. Biotin keeps the hair and skin healthy and promotes a healthy nervous system.

The vitamin D found in tea strengthens bones and teeth and reduces depression. Vitamin D reduces the risk of infectious diseases such as flu and reduces the risk of diabetes.  People with depression or fibromyalgia often benefit from Vitamin D. A couple of cups of organic tea a day will help you with your daily requirements.

7. Keep your blood sugar stable

Both green and black tea assist you with lowering your risk of diabetes. Tea is prebiotic, which regulates glucose levels. Tea delays the release of sugars from starch or sucrose, which helps people who struggle with blood sugar issues.  When blood sugar is regulated, this helps to ward off diabetes.

8. Hydration of organic tea

You have probably heard the ‘eight glass’ rule of daily hydration. Drinking eight glasses of water is essential for hydration and weight loss. However, if you are a person who cannot drink a lot of water, it is hard to stay hydrated. Besides, other beverages such as coffee, soda, milk drinks, or fruit juice are not considered hydrating drinks. Luckily, organic tea can help you stay hydrated. The drink will deliver H2O to your organs as well as quenching your thirst.

Some people have a false belief that tea impacts hydration negatively as it contains some caffeine. However, researchers experimented with 21 males in 2011. The results of the study were published in Cambridge University Press. The researchers concluded that black tea has the same hydrating properties as water. In other words, there is not a significant difference between water and tea intake. Therefore, if drinking too much water is hard, you can switch to organic tea to stay hydrated.

People should also be careful about consuming too much tea. As it has caffeine, it is not recommended for people who have caffeine sensitivity to rely on tea for their hydration heavily. Alternatively, instead of black tea, they can prefer lemon, fruit, or herbal teas.

9. Improving immunity

Organic tea contains some vitamins that help build a robust immune system. One of them is Vitamin H or biotin that facilitate metabolism. Plus, it aids hair growth and skin regeneration. Another element is Vitamin D, which is good for bones and teeth. This vitamin also reduces the effects of depression and infections such as the flu. 

The National Academy of Sciences proved the protective effect of tea against infections in 2003 with a study. With the help of tea, your body gains power for fighting bacteria, viruses, or fungi. Researchers used a sample of human volunteers to provide evidence for a laboratory experiment. Some of those participants drank tea regularly, while others consumed coffee. After the end of the period, researchers took blood samples and put bacteria to assess the reaction. As a result, the blood cells of people who drank tea had five times faster defense to bacteria compared to coffee drinkers.

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