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TO BE ABLE TO TRUST WHAT WE EAT can be one of the greatest blessings in today’s life. 

Biorigin is a one stop online store to buy natural, sustainable and chemical free certified organic products from certified organic farmers & naturally grown products from those farmers following natural farming methods & process.

Biorigin ecom shop is jointly promoted by PDS Natural Products with ecommerce business support from Stohos Business Technologies.

The ecom shop is primarily focusing on promoting certified organic products with traceability, while not limiting to offer more range of products from trust worthy sources following natural farming methods and process.

Our in-house global brand ‘Trubio’ is our strength and inspiration to maintain highest quality of products offered through Biorigin ecom shop.

Biorigin offers pure naturally produced CHEMICAL FREE PRODUCTS from mother earth with 100% assurance for safe consumption. The SUSTAINABLE METHODS followed in the cultivation ensures mutually beneficial interface between humans and nature.

Predominantly, all our product line follows a principled approach designed carefully for ensuring positive impact on the LIVES AND LIVELIHOOD of the SMALL AND MARGINAL FARMERS by converging the sustainability of the local agro-ecology through every sale of our products.

The products are directly sourced from producers or producer groups and packed in our facility through minimal processing. Biorigin production units have CERTIFICATIONS AS PER THE INTERNATIONAL FOOD SAFETY AND QUALITY STANDARDS.

Biorigin products can enable you to contribute significantly to environment protection & climate change issues by REDUCING EMISSIONS AND NURTURING BIODIVERSITY through what you eat.

The global Agro systems currently follows UNSUSTAINABLE methods by reducing the number of species cultivated for food. We are following both inter and intra species diversity to promote biodiversity for healthy and nutritious diet. Biodiversity is paramount for adapting crops to climate change. The bottom line is out of 400,000 plant species in the world, ABOUT 300,000 ARE EDIBLE FOR HUMANS. At present ONLY ABOUT 150 SPECIES are actively cultivated and consumed.

At present, Maize, Rice, Wheat and Potatoes are the most consumed food crops in the world. JUST 15 CROPS PROVIDE 90% OF GLOBAL ENERGY IN TAKE. Most of these crops are high input intensive, causes high emissions, High water usage, Low profitability, have volatile markets, vulnerable to climatic pressures. Global food supply is extremely susceptible to pests or diseases, since farms are dominated by a few line ages of crops.

Aforesaid, we are trying to build a resilient and sustainable food systems by re-introducing diversity into our agricultural systems and introducing “SMART FOOD” from smart crops into our food habits. Biorigin vision is focused on cultivating a new culture of SMART FOODS, which are healthy for creating a resilient food system.

Biorigin products ensures farm to fork TRACEABILITY for all our products in order to keep ourselves accountable to our customers.

Peermade Development Society (PDS)

Our parent company, PDS Organic Spices the pioneer exporter of organic spices from India, since 1998.

PDS Organic Spices is a unit of Peermade Development Society,(PDS), a non-governmental organisation, (NGO) registered under the Travancore Cochin Literacy and Charitable Societies Registration Act of 1955. From its inception in 1980, PDS has been striving for a better quality of life for the poor and needy, especially tribal communities, marginalized farmers, women and children, spread across the Western Ghats region of Idukki district in the state of Kerala, India.

Inspired by the Bible passage “… that they may have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10), PDS reaches out to give each individual the chance for sustainable development. Along with many other activities, like tribal development, upliftment programmes for women and children, land, water and biomass management, biodiversity conservation, climate change adaptation programmes, R&D programmes for agriculture, animal husbandry, indigenous medicines and rural technology, micro enterprise development, etc., the promotion of organic farming is one of the main objective of PDS to ensure sustainable livelihood to the small and marginal farmers and their families.

PDS started propagating the idea of sustainable farming in the early ’80s and as a result, a lot of small and marginal farmers were converted to chemical-free farming. Spices of the Western Ghats-the place of origin, from these small farmers, were aligned with the international organic movement. PDS established the PDS Organic Spices unit in the late ’90s to connect global customers and genuine local producers of quality spices.

PDS organic spices aggregated the small producers, certified their land as per the international organic standards, process their produce, and market it in the national and international market, and thereby the farmers are assured fair income. Currently, PDS Organic Spices is working with 2500 small and marginal farmers including tribals in the region.

These small farmer communities get intensive support in organic farming, protection of indigenous varieties, value addition, and quality improvement in their produces. They are continuously trained on the topics of organic agriculture, production of compost, use of organic fertilizers, prevention and cure of plant diseases with the aim to increase the quality of their produces and to protect the environment. During the purchasing time, the farmers are getting a premium price to honor the ecosystem services provided by these organic farming communities.

All the activities are characterized by professional teamwork and leadership style, aimed at self-reliant, empowered communities.  The well-established farmer management system of PDS Organic Spices, which consists of an Internal Control System and farm extension team, and extensive monitoring at all levels of production and processing helps to ensure transparency of operations and farm to fork traceability of the organic products. 

“…..that they may have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10)

Empowerment of village communities especially the tribals, women and the marginal farmers towards sustainable development by conserving and enhancing local resources in order to have fullness of life”.

All farming activities are designed to sustain biodiversity and ecology and with the very conscious mind that what we do is for the future generations on earth and not for the present. The certification of the small and marginal farmers is being done in accordance with the guidelines of USDA NOP Organic, EU Organic, and NPOP Organic Standards of India.

Once a farmer submitted an application to become an organic farmer, the internal control inspector of PDS Organic Spices will do an inspection visit in the applicant’s farm in order to check whether the details given in the application were correct. He will submit a report along with the application to the Internal Control Manager of PDS Organic Spice, who scrutinizes and approves the application. Once the application is approved, a three-year transformation period will follow in which the farmer adjusts his cultivation to the relevant organic standards. Throughout the certification process, the farmers are supported with training on good organic farming practices and are regularly visited by the Internal Control Inspector who documents the development, supports the farmers, and helps in handling the certification process. After three years, the third-party control body audits the farmer’s land, and based on the audit report, the farm gets certified. Third-party Inspection and certification of organic farms are conducted by Control Union Certifications India Pvt. Ltd. 


 Our products and processing center adhere to the organic standards of India, the EU, the USA, Japan, and Korea. We are also certified as per the Fairtrade International standards, Fairtrade USA standards Naturland and Naturland fair standrds. Some of our farmers are also practicing biodynamic farming and are certified by Demeter International.

We have a multi-layered quality control system that begins right at the farming stage. This ensures that the raw materials that from farms are of utmost purity and meet our stringent quality norms.

All our products are processed in our facility, located in Valanjanganam, Kuttikkanam, in Idukki district of Kerala, which is certified as per the Organic, ISO 22000: 2005 FSMS and BRC “AA” standards. We have the latest cleaning, grading, powdering, steam sterilization, retail packing, labeling, and other processing facilities which are calibrated as per the international food safety and quality standards.

We also have a well-established quality assurance laboratory to ensure that the products shipped out are in conformance with the international food safety and quality standards. The Quality assurance Lab is being driven by an able team of technicians, backed by state of the art, instrumentations and other facilities.    USDA ORGANIC-approved packaging conforming to international quality specifications is used for all products. These units are ISO 22000:2005 and BRC AA certified, and they assure our customers a globally recognized quality-control system.

 It is our technological superiority, our expertise of over three decades, and our long-trusted tradition of impeccable product quality that make us the preferred partner to the customers across the globe today.

We understand the importance of traceability in maintaining the safety and authenticity of the organic food we supply to our valued customers.  PDS Organic spices keep the farm to fork traceability of all the products. Our well-established and technologically driven documentation system, which is certified as per ISO 22000:2005 and BRC by AA grade, enables us to do this in conformance with the latest food safety, quality, and organic standards.  

It is starting with the farm level when the agri- extension officer takes the yield estimation, supplying the storage bags during harvesting and tagging by the purchase team and field staff during purchase and continues during each and every stage of transportation, processing, packing, shipping, till the products reach to end consumer. 

Your purchase of our certified organic and ethically sourced products helps us to empower our dedicated organic farming communities. It’s our best effort to connect producers and customers by ensuring transparency, traceability, and truth inequitable benefit sharing. Our commitment to offer you the best ensures that you and the farming community can truly enjoy what life has to offer in all its abundance.

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