Move a little bit closer to the natural sweetness of nature. Enjoy sweetness of the naturally occurring molasses in your dishes, but with the character of normal white sugar. This is not an artificial colour but the natural molasses which are added to the sugar. It is 100 percent certified organic products. Brown Sugar is made in Crusher by crushing Sugar Cane to obtain juice and boiling this juice to remove water and Molasses to make unrefined raw sugar. Raw Sugar put in Crystallizer and changed in crystal form. Once the Crystallized white sugar is made then it is coated with 3% of molasses to enrich it in iron, calcium and magnesium. Organic Brown sugar is a crystalline substance, tastes sweet, 100% soluble in water. Sugar (Sucrose) is a natural combination of fructose and glucose.

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  • Organic light brown sugar made from NON-GMO and pesticide-free sugar cane.
  • Light Brown Sugar is soft, moist and fine-grained. It is perfect for all your baking needs and especially good in cakes, cookies, pies, and candies.
  • Light Brown Sugar also makes an excellent topping for warm oatmeal.
  • Use as a replacement for refined sugar. Perfect to sweeten fruit or coffee.

Organic Certifications: India organic & Jaivik Bharath

Certifications: BRC & ISO 22000:2005

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