Trubio- The True-Story of Organic Agriculture

November 24, 2021 By user 0

Trubio Organic products has have a true-life story of nature and man as an inseparable creation. This shows how well we can care about our nature and share its bounty in a sustainable manner.

Trubio is a proud offering of a group of more than 2500 small, marginal and tribal farmers across the biodiversity treasurers across India. 

Trubio is designed to provide the authentic organic produce, consciously nurtured by traditional farmers, largely women, under strict organic practices, primarily focussing on the sustainability of the ecosystem so as to ensure nature‚Äôs intended benefit of the crops to the consumers. Farmers cultivate a mixture of locally adapted varieties of the regions so as to ensure the original quality of the ecosystem.

The manufacturer, PDS Organic Spices guarantees full traceability of the farmers produce through its well established and technologically driven documentation system. The freshness of the produce is retained through its meticulous processing procedures and quality assurance. Trubio products are cleaned, graded,  steam sterilized, milled and packed in compliance with international quality and food safety standards at our own ISO 22000: 2005 FSMS and BRC (Grade AA) certified processing unit, located in a very serene environment at the heart of the farm production centre. Trubio assures only fresh season crop is brought to your table anywhere in the world.  Trubio represents the soul of the farmer and PDS Organic Spices honor equitable sharing for their ecosystem services provided to the society. By consuming Trubio, you are also consciously becoming a part of this true story, where you and the farming community can truly enjoy what life has to offer in all its abundance.

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